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Here is the simple website, which is going to explain it and to give you clear info about it/them ("Baked sausage"/"Baked sausages"), i.e. we're going to and we're providing Baked sausages information, photos and recipes.. That's it. And, for now, we'll start with one of our favorite baked sausages -- the Halloween ones: amazing sausage mummies, aren't they:

Baked sausage.

Linguistic Essence of "baked sausage"/"baked sausages"

Baked sausage/-s are just two words. They're, as follows, an adjective and a noun. "Baked" is the adjective and "sausage" or "sausages" is/are the noun (nouns). "Baked sausage" means "sausage that was baked".


Baking is something useful for cooking food. It's a food cooking method. Baking uses prolonged dry heat by convection, rather than by thermal radiation, normally in an oven (but also in hot ashes, or even, on hot stones.) Many types of foods are baked (including sausages). Heat is gradually transferred from the surface of the sausages to their centre. More about baking in Wikipedia: Baking

Grammar of "Baked sausage"

Well, it is just two words and we can not see something big about the certain grammar, but we may try to write about this question.

"Baked" is an adjective. "Sausage" is a noun, singular. And you know that it's not one and the same to write "A Baked Sausage" and "The Baked Sausage".

"Baked sausage" in different languages

Probably you know that baked sausage is in English. English language is a very popular and an important language at this century. But there are many other languages all around the world and we can you some of them to write or type "Baked sausage". Here is a little list about it:

Well, there are plenty of other languages like Japanese, German, Turkish, etc., but if you need more translation, you may use the Google Translate.

Information about sausage

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a) About sausage in Wikipedia (

b) About the baked sausage in Google (

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! ! ! ! ! Interesting facts ! ! ! ! !

- "Baked sausage" is composed of 2 words and of 12 (5+7) letters (altogether).
- Sausage in Britannica (Scientific source: click here).
- In Chinese "Baked sausage" is "烤香肠" (pinyin: "Kǎo xiāngcháng").

Some different sausage recipes

Here we're going to show some different sausage recipes, when we can. Let's begin with the Taiwanese baked sausages: Taiwanese style baked sausages recipe.

Let's continue with Baked sausages with cheese: Baked sausages filled with cheese recipe.

Here is our new suggestion: Baked sausages with peppers and onions: Italian style baked sausages.
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